Saturday, July 7, 2012

Plus Quilt

A few weeks ago I started my second quilt.  It's this plus quilt from In Color Order.  I used the Flea Market Fancy fat quarter pack that I got in the mail a few months ago along with a pack of coordinating solids that you can find at Pink Chalk Fabrics.

After getting all of my fabric squared up and cut into 4.5" squares, I laid them all out on the living room floor where they would stay for the next 2+ weeks.  Putting together the pattern was a little difficult towards the end.  I had divided the fabrics into 5 color groups and I drew out a pattern on graph paper using five different colored pencils.  It looked easy enough on paper, but once I started getting to the bottom, I was running out of squares that I needed to make full symbols.  I had to do some swapping at the end but it turned out ok.   I took me about two weeks to sew everything together.  Not because it actually took that long but because I took a break for about a week and a half.


Yesterday I had to take my car to the shop and my boyfriend was at work, so I was without transportation all day.  It gave me a reason to work on the quilt all day.  I already had all of the blocks sewn into rows, I just needed to sew all of the rows together.  It only took me a few hours.  This is what it looks like now...


I am now waiting on my fabric to come in the mail for the backing.  I am going to use Kona Mahogany (the dark brownish-red solid on the front) and I am going to bind it with  Flea Market Fancy medallion red.  


  1. Do you know what solids were in the pink chalk coordinating stack? They don't sell it anymore and I need to get some solids to go with my FMF? Thanks

    1. Unfortunately, no. I know that the dark brownish-red was Kona Mahogany. I only know that because I had to order it for the back of my quilt. I wish I could help you. Maybe someone at Pink Chalk would be willing to help. Also, check back often. I ordered the FMF first and knew that I wanted solids in the quilt too but I didn't order right away. When I was finally ready to order the fabric, it also said that it was no longer available. I kept checking back, and within a few days it was listed again. Maybe you'll get lucky and they will list it again! Sorry I couldn't help. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!