Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gershwin Clutch

I made this Gershwin Clutch from Charlie's Aunt on Etsy.  I loved this pattern!  The construction was super simple and the instructions were clear and easy!  I would definitely buy a pattern from this shop again.  The owner was also very pleasant.  She has some great and unique vintage style designs.

This bag is for a friend's birthday.  I asked her husband for her favorite color and he responded with "yellow, more vintage than bright".  The closest thing I could find was duck in a mustardy yellow (none of the pics do the color justice, they are either too dark or washed out).  The bag was so easy to make!  I was really surprised with how well everything matched up and how easily it came together.  The next part was the bow.  The construction of the bow was simple.  I even taught myself how to sew on buttons with my machine, which saved a lot of time!

this was my practice button on my machine

The hard part was slip stitching the bow to the front flap of the bag.  I am convinced that it would not be a pain in the ass with MOST fabrics, duck, on the other hand was a total BITCH!  My fingers were sore for two days from hand stitching that bow onto the bag!  It was worth it though.  I think the bag turned out great!  I hope she likes it.

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