Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gershwin Clutch

I made this Gershwin Clutch from Charlie's Aunt on Etsy.  I loved this pattern!  The construction was super simple and the instructions were clear and easy!  I would definitely buy a pattern from this shop again.  The owner was also very pleasant.  She has some great and unique vintage style designs.

This bag is for a friend's birthday.  I asked her husband for her favorite color and he responded with "yellow, more vintage than bright".  The closest thing I could find was duck in a mustardy yellow (none of the pics do the color justice, they are either too dark or washed out).  The bag was so easy to make!  I was really surprised with how well everything matched up and how easily it came together.  The next part was the bow.  The construction of the bow was simple.  I even taught myself how to sew on buttons with my machine, which saved a lot of time!

this was my practice button on my machine

The hard part was slip stitching the bow to the front flap of the bag.  I am convinced that it would not be a pain in the ass with MOST fabrics, duck, on the other hand was a total BITCH!  My fingers were sore for two days from hand stitching that bow onto the bag!  It was worth it though.  I think the bag turned out great!  I hope she likes it.

Funny Story

I made this clutch from Michelle Patterns a while back.  I love it.  I carry it all of the time.  We went to Twin Peaks (it's like Hooters if you didn't know) *rolls eyes* with some co-workers the other night.  We were sitting at the bar and the bartender (pretty blonde girl that couldn't have been older that 21) said "I like your bag" and I said, "Thanks!  I made it!". Then she said "Did you sew the buttons on it?" and I said "yep!".  Then my boyfriend and I looked at each other confused.  I'm pretty sure that she thought I bought the bag and just sewed 3 buttons on it.  It was really strange.  I don't know why else she would be most impressed with the buttons.  Haha.  I just had to shake my head.


In case you didn't know, I am a crazed OKC Thunder fan.  When I say crazed, I mean that I have enough Thunder shirts to wear for 2 weeks straight without doing laundry.  I have a "jersey" shirt for each player in the starting lineup (minus Sefolosha) and plus Harden and Collison.  I have made a Thunder wreath for my door,  my dog has a Thunder tag with his info on it, we have season tickets, and I have watched every single game of this season (unfortunately I didn't get to attend every home game because we live 2 hours away).  I have even considered checking into what it would cost to get married on the court before a game! I love the OKC Thunder!

I made this bag out of a T-shirt yesterday. I think I turned out really well. I got a few compliments on it at the game last night. I love when people compliment you on something and you get to say, "THANKS! I made it!". ( I have a funny story about "Thanks, I made it" but I'll tell it in a separate post)

I was worried about working with a cut up tee but I interfaced it as soon as I finished cutting it and I didn't have any problems with it rolling up.  I also used a light sew-in interfacing just to make it a little sturdier and it has a solid cotton lining with an interior pocket too. I will be making another one today!

Here is a picture of my thunder wreath that I made (it took me TWO DAYS!)  I don't know if you've ever made a yarn wreath, but it SUCKS!  I will never make one again.  Those felt flowers took forever too because every petal had to be hand sewn. BLAH!  I hate hand stitching!  It looks cute though!