Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I've been busy... ok not really

I realized that I haven't blogged since my gym post, and I'm sorry.

So it turns out that spin really isn't all that scary. It is really HARD but it's not scary. If you were ever thinking of trying it but are too scared, you should get over it, because it's a great workout!

Moving On...

I decided to make my bff a quilt for her 30th birthday. I had big dreams (ok, HUGE dreams) of finishing it in two weeks. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Of course this did not go as planned. I did however get the top done. I was nervous that I was putting in all of this time and effort and she wouldn't even like it. Let's face it, quilts aren't for everyone. I realized, after making one that wasn't appreciated (I will not name names, but I didn't even get a "thank you" from the people who received it), that some people think quilts are for grannies and they either 1) don't like them OR 2) don't realize how much time, effort, and money go into them. Believe me, after I wasn't thanked for the (AWESOME) quilt that I made, my feelings were hurt and I was rather pissed off. After that I made sure to tell my Grandma "thank you" for a quilt that she made me 10 years ago, because I KNOW that I didn't appreciate it and didn't give her a sincere "thank you" for spending all of that time on something just for me. It also brought me to tears that I didn't get to give my other Grandma a sincere "thank you" for the one that she made me before she passed away. It really takes being a quilter to understand how much effort goes into these things! Needless to say, I was elated when Natalie's eyes lit up when she lifted some of the tissue paper out of the gift bag and could tell that there was a quilt in the bottom. She said "I have been trying to figure out a way to ask you to make me a quilt!". WIN!

Pictured is the top folded into quarters. It is a (huge) twin size. I don't know if my little Brother cs6000i can handle quilting it, but we shall see!
the pattern is called "Lucky Squares" from Sew Crafty Jess
the fabric is Chicopee from Denyse Schmidt

Lately, I have really been itching to make a dress or a shirt. Last summer I bought the Wiksten tova pattern and I want to make a sleeveless tova, but I am inexperienced in garments and I will probably need to adjust the pattern size. I think I will need it to be one size bigger than the biggest size offered. I am not too confident in this and I HATE making a muslin for everything. Usually what happens is that I lose all of my interest after finishing the muslin, because I am tired of looking at it and don't ever end up making a real one. I might make one this week. We will see.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July! 

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