Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So What...

So What Wednesday
This week I decided to participate in my very first link up (*canned applause*, thank you).  It's called "So What Wednesdays" and you can check it out over at Life After I "Dew".  So here goes nothing.
This week I am saying SO WHAT IF:
  • I failed a "merit test" for a state job that I really wanted.  I can't test again for 6 months.  Over half the test was about accounting and auditing.  I only passed accounting in college by the grace of God (and my best friend, accounting major, Natalie).  I wouldn't have wasted an hour and a half of my life if they would have just told me that the test was accounting based.  Btw, the job had nothing to do with accounting... AT ALL.
  • I treat my basset hound, Oliver, like he can do no wrong.  That dog gets away with murder.  My fiance's rat terrier on the other hand... meh.
  • I am really loving Gypsy Sisters on TLC
  • We have a folding table instead of a coffee table in our living room.  I took it out to craft on while I was watching TV 2 years ago and it just stayed. *shrug*
  • We eat at said folding table because I always have sewing projects strung out on the kitchen table (sorry Curtie!)
  • I like pork rinds but I never eat them for fear of being judged.  THERE I said it!
  • I get my feelers a little hurt when no one likes a pic I post on instagram.  It's like a silent insult.
  • I do NOT like Mumford and Sons.  I feel like I am the only American who thinks this way.
Well, there ya have it!  My very first link up in the books.  What are you saying "So What" to this week?
Just look at that face!


  1. I can totally relate to the Instagram thing :) I also hate when no one comments on a blog post. Then I see my friends and they have like 43 comments! Ugh!!! And don't be ashamed of the pork rinds. They are one of the best snacks EVER!!!

    1. I've gotten used to no one commenting on my blog posts. Thanks for the comment btw! I get excited when I check my email and see that someone has commented. It's like Christmas! I need to follow you on instagram. And the pork rinds... oh I just can't bring myself to buy them at a QT, maybe I could at a skeezier gas station but definitely not a QT. I have the same love affair with slim jim's as well. My best friend loves slim jim but won't buy them at stores either, so one year for her birthday I sent her a Slim Jim bouquet. Have you ever seen those? They wrap all of these different flavors in black tissue paper like they were a bouquet of roses. Haha it was AWESOME!

  2. BAHAHHAHA! DYING laughling at that comment that won't be published!
    EXACTLY like that!! I told you, I'M TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi,
    I just stumbled across your blog, and you made me laugh out loud a few times in this post, for one, I also had a basset hound that got away with murder, and I still have a rat terrier, I hate the mumford and sons too :).

    1. yeah! Mumford and Sons haters UNITE! Isn't it crazy how Bassets are like the biggest asshole dogs on the planet (mainly due to being so stubborn) but they are also the best creatures ever!?! I don't know what I'd do without mine. Is your rat terrier the dumbest dog you've ever met??? Curtis' rat terrier is DEFINITELY the dumbest dog I've ever met! haha.

    2. oh, by the way, thanks for stopping by and saying something!

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  5. I'd totally like every single photo on your Instagram, and probably have a comment for each one too, back to the beginning of time because sometimes... sometimes, I just HAVE to lock myself in my bathroom, just to get away from my children, and the bathroom is the perfect place for internet stalkings of a friendly fellow-blogger nature. Shh...I think they're on to me...